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A customer means both a real-life person and a set of data to a company. As a person, a customer has a social status, a demographic profile, consumption preferences and habits, a social network and a growing digital footprint that is increasingly easy to access and analyse with the world going digital.
The growth of data available on customers creates new opportunities in sales, marketing and customer service. As a result, new segmentation criteria, customer value calculation methods, cross-selling techniques, campaign efficiency measurement procedures and customer management solutions emerge.

In sales, marketing and customer service, digitization reinforces the use of online, mobile and social channels. These channels are no longer considered new but are integrated into the corporate toolset transforming customer interaction. Customers demand direct, fast and personalized service whether they contact the company by phone, through the Web, on mobile platforms, social media sites, in shops or customer service offices. The perception of a company created through various interactions is now at least as important as the product or service it sells. In a fiercely competitive marketplace, shaping and managing the customer experience can be the key to long-term business success.

Key-note Speaker:

Dr. László Mérő

University Professor, Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology

In today’s digital age, business and IT need to be more and more closely aligned to address the above business issues. At its fourth CRM roadshow, IDC seeks to address these issues with the involvement of independent experts and the thought leaders of Hungary’s CRM industry.

Join us at the IDC conference and listen to discussions between experts specializing in the business and IT aspects of CRM and CEM, learn their experience and expand your professional network.


Conference main topics:

  • CRM areas, components and solutions
  • Business goals in customer service and customer experience management and how can IT support them
  • The 360-degree view – everything you wanted to know about your customers
  • How to leverage structured and unstructured customer information
  • Analytics CRM, customer information analytics tools, Big Data
  • Customer value models, customer lifecycle management
  • A practical view of customer experience management and channels
  • Network analysis, social CRM, mobile marketing and other novelties in CRM
  • Using social media in CRM
  • Using the mobile channel in marketing and customer management
  • Enhancing the efficiency of CRM processes
  • IT enabled CRM: custom development, standardized applications, cloud-based services
  • CRM in action and best practices based on customer presentations and case studies


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