Agenda - IDC CRM & CEM Conference | Rendezvények | IDC Hungary

08:30 – 09:00

Registration and Morning Coffee

09:00 – 09:05

Welcome Note, Opening of the Conference

Zoltán Komáromi
Senior Research Manager IDC CEE, Country Manager IDC Hungary

09:05 – 09:40

The Anatomy of Customer Experience - Key-Note Presentation about New Customer Behaviors and its Impacts on Enterprise decisions

Dr. László Mérő
University Professor, Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Education and Psychology

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09:40 – 10:05

A successful CRM program - finally!
Magyar Telekom Case Study Presentation

Dr. János Sziveri
IT Director, Magyar Telekom

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The Pillangó Program is the biggest, most complex and most challenging customer centric transformational program of Central-Europe that - against all odds - has become successful.
Between 50-80% of CRM programmes fail, however in Magyar Telekom, we have succeeded. What was the key to this success?
We have learnt from our past mistakes: the program used to be an IT initiative, now Business owns it - they really feel it's theirs - otherwise we would have never been able to fight down the difficulties.
The complexity that has increased for decades, the enormous amount of products, tariffs, promotions, the overly customised systems, the complicated processes all have become untenable in a more and more agile, on-line and mobile world. - all these had to be radically simplified and the whole operation of the company had to be redesigned.
Although Magyar Telekom has solved big tasks previously, this one has exceeded any preceding challenges by a magnitude - we had to select a long term partner - and not only a vendor - to navigate us through all these waters.
Members of the top management have all taken the risk and really committed themselves to the success of the programme: this was a gig asset, Pillangó has received all support, attention and all necessary resources - which sometimes we really needed. And though there have been pessimist all the time, who believed this big programme cannot be completed, we have made it!

10:05 – 10:30

How telecom service providers to tackle with transitioning into the "Digital Age"?

Czétényi Norbert
Head of Telekom IT Practice, Europe, Wipro Ltd.

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The blasting spread of digital devices and cross-device services creates emerging challenges ahead of telecom companies. The expectations of customers, their relationship management habits, use of services change in light-speed pace, which can be followed up only by next generation information systems. The time for paradigm shift has arrived. The agenda of revolution within telcos challenges the traditional way of thinking about CRM, billing, channel management.
Norbert Czetenyi, head of telecom practice in Europe at Wipro shall be sharing his thoughts how the digital age is entering into Hungary and how telco's are contemplating around the upcoming challenges."

10:30 – 10:55 at Legrand - CRM Business Processes and System Created in Hungary, which Became Central European Standard

Róbert Tamás
Business Development Manager, Legrand

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Legrand is one of the global leaders of electronic and data transfer infrastructures for buildings. Legrand Hungary decided to improve the effectiveness and monitor-ability of its sales and to fasten the administrative sales processes by the implementation of The project (which has been delivered in three months) covered the renewal of the account and contact data management, project sales, partner sales, sales administration and quoting processes. Based on the success of the Hungarian project the management of Legrand Central Europe decided to make the Hungarian processes regional standard and roll them out to the other countries in the region. The presentation will cover the business benefits of the project, the processes, the functions of the system and the project characteristics of the local and regional roll out projects.

10:55 – 11:20

Networking with Peers and Coffee Break

11:20 – 11:45

Difficulties and Success Factors of CRM Programs Implementation

Imre Szalay
President, PMI Budapest Hungarian Chapter

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11:45 – 12:10

See the Big Picture and Harmonies Efforts to Drive Value

Vladimir Dimitroff
UK Director, PRISM Consulting; Principal Consultant, Beyond Philosophy

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  • Trends in Customer Strategy and Customer operations: CRM evolution, best CEM practices, the unstoppable advance of Social and what Big Data means for you
  • The fragmented world of CRM, CEM, Digital and the usual functional silos: How separate views destroy customer and shareholder value
  • Going beyond the rational: Emotional value drivers and the capabilities needed to realise their benefits
  • Big Picture framework: brief practical guidelines to enhance your customer-centric practices and achieve measurable outcomes
  • 12:10 – 12:45

    Panel Discussion: Customer Experince Management in Action
  • Kun Zoltán - Corporate Sales & Bancassurance Director, AXA
  • Szabó Noéni, Tower Leader, STS ISC, International Shared Service Center IBM
  • Takács Zoltán, Chief Digital Services Officer,Telenor Hungary
  • Hankiss László, Strategy & Analytics Director, Gránit Bank (under confirmation)
  • Vladimir Dimitroff, Principal Consultant, Beyond Philosophy
  • Csaba Lengyel
    Moderator of the CEM Panel Discussion, Managing Director, Vialto Consulting

    During the discussion we are going to tap on international and local experience, compare the state of CEM in Hungary with other countries and we will share good practices, lessons learnt and useful ideas We will touch the following topics:

  • Does Customer Experience Management (CEM) drive business value? How to prove it?
  • Can customer experience be measured? How?
  • Is CRM and CEM different, or the same thing but differently branded?
  • Is CEM an organisational unit or a cross company attitude?
  • What does the rise of Social media & digitalisation mean for CEM?
  • 12:45 – 13:45

    Buffet Lunch

    13:45 – 14:10

    E-on Case-Study about CRM Implementation and Business Analytics-CRM

    Zoltán Tóth
    Consultant, E.ON Business Services Hungary Kft.

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    14:10 – 14:35

    AXA Case-Study about the Customer Experience Improvement

    Ákos András Molnár
    Project management officer, AXA Bank

    Péter Orlovácz
    Head of e-business, AXA Bank

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    14:35 – 14:40

    Closing Remarks, End of the Conference